Sr. UI Developer

Sr. UI Developer

Job description:

Must haves:

  • 3-4 years of experience in bringing the design to UI.
  • Experience in building websites from scratch using HTML, CSS, SCSS and JS
  • Experience in building animation concepts to web animation(CSS & JS) and websites.
  • Experience in building front-end components, utilities and frameworks for App Development.
  • Knowledge in understanding how the front-end frameworks are built.
  • Experience in Adobe XD, Figma, Sketch to understand the design structures.
  • Ability to solve Front-end UI issues in CSS and JS.
  • Ability to work different animation libraries GSAP, Animate, BodyMovin or Lottie.
  • Experience Git.
  • Architecting the front end of web apps & Large web sites
  • Need to think and design concept based high level web prototypes & animations

Nice to haves:

  • Knowledge in Wordpress, Drupal, VUE, Svelte or other UI Frameworks.
  • Knowledge in Gulp, Pug, Webpack

Roles & Responsibilities:


  • Understanding the designs and creating front-end UI libraries to ease up the UI Development using sass, scss, stylus.
  • Creating SEO based component structures for the REACT based websites.


  • Build performance based CSS / JS Animations.
  • Able to understand and adapt latest technologies in HTML, CSS & JS

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