Have you ever wondered why some products have became as colossal as they are today? What is the secret that enabled them to succeed but not many others? Let us tell you, no such secret exists. Implementing what is inevitable requires investigation, vision, and a true sense of judgment.

In today’s fast-driving forces of the digital world, a large number of businesses are focusing on the concept of user-centric products. As companies are viewing the advantages of basing their design decisions on users, research is one of the crucial factors in this customer-centric industry that primarily focuses on the customers for goods, services, and applications.

Startups, in particular, have always been in a financial bind and the majority of the time they avoid engaging in user research because they believe it will be expensive. However, user research can save a lot of time, money, and effort while also advancing the brand's chances of success.

In this post, let’s look ahead to understand user research and how it can be beneficial. But before that, let's understand

UX Research: What Is It?

UX research is essentially the study and assessment of the target audience. Understanding how they behave, engage, and feel about your product, as well as the frame of mind they are in when using it.

A recent survey found that India experiences roughly 50,000 new start-ups annually. Even though 2-3 startups are created on an average every day, India only has a 10% success rate. While one may or may not be aware of the issues that cause it, startups can evaluate the user experience, to begin with. If the user successfully uses the product which enhances their life, naturally, there will be a rise in demand for such products, making it highly unlikely that the product or brand will fail.

What is the purpose of User Research?

User research's goal is to contextualize your design project. It clarifies who your target customers are, how they will use your product or service, and what they ultimately require from you, the designer, for you to successfully address their problem. Designing with the user in mind is essential if you want to produce a successful product and UX research makes sure of that.

Your UX research will help you in different ways as you work on your design. Finding patterns and commonalities among your target user groups will help you uncover difficulties and challenges, support or refute your assumptions, and shed light on the wants, objectives, and mental models of your users.

So, Why is it so important to conduct user research?

1. Reach the right audience

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Whatever we design or build, it only creates a place in the market when people use it efficiently. It can only happen when we have a thorough awareness of the user actions, routines, requirements, problems, etc.

And in order to do this, it's important to conduct qualitative research. If you don't invest in this exercise, you risk misinterpreting your user group and creating a product that doesn't appeal to your target market.

2. Humanize imagination

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After conducting desk research, we develop various personalities and scenarios that aid in the humanization of our imagination. After this point, the UX research strategy continues and even the personas are verified by observing actual people in action. You may observe the effects of your product when you observe how your users utilize it in actual situations, taking into account all potential scenarios.

3. Understanding the user response

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After the product is launched, having the users interact with it enables us to understand how they are responding to it.  It is the moment when what we know and what is actually happening, connect. It enables us to make the necessary corrections at an early stage which can assist in saving money and time. Skipping this step can result in numerous re-works and jeopardize the reputation of the brand and the product.

4. Cost Saving

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Knowing what will happen next helps us to either take preventative measures or be ready for them. When UX research is put to use, the same thing occurs. We can cut down on any unforeseen costs by seeing people in action, testing products, and validating personas.

The cost of UX research doesn't always have to be prohibitive. When properly planned and with defined goals, it is within budget.


The better you understand your product, the more successful your product is bound to become. Thus, user research is said to be one of the most necessary steps that cannot be skipped. It offers information that can be included in the design and experience to make it more engaging and meaningful. Additionally, it can save time and money while developing profitable solutions for your users.
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