The advent of the digital experience era has revolutionized the way businesses operate, market, and develop. In response to this seismic shift, organizations are adopting a digital-first approach, compelling creative and technology teams to join forces and deliver comprehensive solutions that cater to diverse client needs.

Gone are the days when ad and development agencies operated as separate entities. Nowadays, creative agencies integrate these complementary skills and expertise into one unified offering. This synchronized approach streamlines operations and simplifies vendor relationships, making design agencies invaluable partners in navigating the complex digital landscape and delivering exceptional marketing and technology offerings.

Earning Designs is now EXDERA

Against this backdrop, Earning Designs, a renowned brand and UX design and development agency based in Bengaluru is thrilled to unveil its new brand identity, EXDERA. This new identity is a reflection of the team's expanded capabilities and unwavering commitment to delivering cutting-edge experience design and technology solutions with a seamless brand experience to its esteemed global clients.

Why the change?

Over the course of time, Earning Designs has undergone a remarkable transformation, having flourished into a comprehensive experience design agency that caters to every aspect of the design process. By expanding its suite of services to encompass product design and engineering, go-to-market technology solutions, and digital brand experience strategies, the agency has successfully elevated its profile and aligned itself closer to its organizational vision.

As a consequence of this growth, the name Earning Designs no longer fits the agency's expansive range of services and has become inadequate to represent its newfound capabilities. Therefore, after much deliberation, the team has decided to embark on a rebranding journey, one that accurately reflects the agency's evolution and enhanced capacities and aligns with the burgeoning global demand for its services.

What’s Next?

Embodying a new identity as EXDERA, this organization is well-positioned to thrive and prosper in the realm of digital experiences. Bolstered by an unwavering commitment to user-centric design and innovation, the team at Exdera is dedicated to delivering digital product engineering and experience solutions that surpass the expectations of their valued clients.

From the very first spark of inspiration to the final stages of technology implementation and everything in between, EXDERA offers a comprehensive suite of digital services to enterprises spanning a diverse range of industries, catering to their global clients. With a passion for excellence and a firm belief in the power of digital experiences to transform the world, Exdera is poised to take the industry by storm and become a leader in its own right.

"At EXDERA, we're passionate about delivering beautiful, functional, and intuitive experience design and development experiences to our clients," says Kartick Hari, CEO of Exdera. "Our new name reflects our commitment to excellence and innovation in the digital space and we're excited to continue serving our clients with the same level of expertise and dedication that they've come to expect from us. We are a firm specializing in engineering digital products, designing user experiences, and crafting brand communication strategies."

The rebranding to EXDERA represents an exciting new chapter for the organization, and the team looks forward to continuing its growth and success in the years ahead.

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