It was an incredible journey of research to understand the world of EV Charging solutions.

As the world keeps pushing for a number products related to EV, the important point put forth was how do you tell the EV owner of what's smart after they own an EV.

The pain point of Charging solution and the Chargers for the EV owners.

We pointed the direction of script to talk more of how it helps the user first, while presenting of how beautiful it looks when its intalled at home.

The quest, that we targeted.

  1. Why would a user buy If he/she doesn't know how a EV product would solve an everyday problem?
  2. Why would a user buy, if its not gonna provide a value to him/her?
  3. What about the EV charger's flexibility to live with all the connectivity expectations.
  4. The real value of savings on the long run.

And this is how we told the story to EV owners
about The Award Winning CITA's Smart 7 EV Charger.

This product is sold in UK & Middle East region.

You can explore the charger here, If you want one.