EXDERA is all up and ready to host the second innings of Alchemy - a product ideation workshop based on the owl’s eye vision of UX strategy to help individuals and teams improve their product ideation skills.

This Alchemy workshop 2023 talks about “Ideating the product designs based on the owl’s eye vision of UX strategy” and helps business owners gain immense knowledge to connect the dots of your product thoughts and devise the right UX strategy and steer it for ROI.

The workshop will be organized on 27th May 2023 at the EXDERA HQ in HSR Layout. The main aim of the workshop is to help participants develop a deeper understanding of their customers and their needs, identify new opportunities for innovation, and learn how to effectively evaluate and refine product vision to reality.

Grow Your Business With Us

Sometimes you may see the most impractical ideas taking off; similarly, sometimes you may see the most practical idea failing. Thus, this Alchemy workshop helps amplify concepts and accelerate design skills every time one has an idea for a product. Through interactive exercises and activities based on human-centered design thinking, participants at the Alchemy Workshop will develop design-savvy solutions while pursuing their vision to build and innovate quality products.

Who should attend?

Are building or planning to build a Mobile or Web App, then this workshop is for you. The workshop is open to different professionals, as we aim to bring together the Founders, CXOs, and Sr. Product Managers to help them with the best ways to ideate, innovate, and design sustainable solutions for the future.


Alchemy 2023 | EXDERA - Register Now
Alchemy 2023 | EXDERA - Register Now