Micro animations help to simplify the explanation of future technology to business decision makers.

Technology is inevitably evolving. And when you work for the future of technology that did not exist earlier, Animations are one of the best way to explain it.

Blockchain based technologies are hard to explain to businesses and government organisations' decision makers with just images or illustrations.

Imagine the concepts has a process that has chain of events to be explained or an ecosystem of functions. With micro animations of each and feature explained with process, helps users to understand better and also helps cognitive memory of the website that they just saw.

Here's one of our works, where an extensive work of micro animations with a simplified Business website for Self-sovereign Identity - Decentralized Digital Identity and Verifiable Credentials.

The Animations has to follow the brand guidelines, Website Visual guidelines, and a lot of logics, especially it has to convey the entire knowledge without loosing its attraction.

Doesn’t matter, whether the website is built with WordPress, React, Vue, Drupal, Wix, Webflow or just HTML/CSS. Animations can rock your website and make an impact to your business users.

The micro animation is just a small, yet an important part of the entire website design that we did, apart from the Design, development and aligning with the Brand as a whole.

Checkout our web design strategy  here for the first of its kind robust No-code solution for Self-sovereign Identity. https://entrustient.com

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