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Curating a UX design strategy for a brain health organisation

Experience design and interface for a brain health organisation that deals with mental health of employees in their particular organisation.




Mental Health Organisation

UX Design for Health Tech Industry -

Neurowyzr is a Singapore-based brain health-based company, that provides consultancy and brain games to employees of a company to maintain their mental resilience during work, who believe that healthier brains lead to happier lives.


Client Requirement

Logo Design, Website UI/ UX Design, Brand Awareness, Brand Creation.

Client Brief

The Neurowyzr team required a logo that represented their brand which also reflected in the UI/ UX design of their website.


Neurowyzr was a brand-new product to the market, but were super pleased with the website, we designed for them, with the UX that portrayed the exact feel they wanted their customers and clients to perceive.


Our Role

UX Intelligence and Design Consulting

Brand Identity

Brand Awareness

Brand Creation

Website and Enterprise CMS


Problem Analysis

Neurowyzr wanted us to create a logo for them that portrayed their vision of brain health by making it seem fun, happy and people centred.

They also requested us to keep the UX design of their page to be more fun and not give a clinical feel to it.

As this was a very new brand, we had to come with a concept that matched their aesthetic from scratch.



Platform Design & Go-to-Market strategy

Curated and designed a website that fit their vision and aesthetic well.

Designed a website that brought out their aesthetic of keeping their brand a brain health organisation that helps their clients and their employees.


Our Approach & Creations

We understood from the existing learners and the mentors on how we can make this new platform an unruffled experience.

UI UX Design for Health Tech Industry -

UX Analysis

The UX designs for this particular brand was curated in such a way that portrays them in a way that they weren’t a medical a technical organisation.

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Web Design for Health Tech Industry -

Visual Designs

Competitor research on home improvement services market and we realized that most of them only generate leads for the service providers, but don’t actually let the customers interact with them, which we fixed by bringing in the interaction feature.

Once the targets were defined, the time had come to 

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User Experience Design for Health Tech Industry -
UI UX Design for Health Tech Industry -
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