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Producing a sleek website & platform for a comprehensive

supply chain management solution

Experience design & technology for a supply chain, logistics & resource intelligence platform.




Supply Chain Management

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Scelint is an up-and-coming supply chain management solutions company with a strong foothold both in India & in the USA, that is harnessing intelligent technology such as IIoT, RFID, etc in order to automate & uncomplicate the entire supply chain, leading to faster manufacturing & supply turnaround. Scelint is an umbrella brand nesting three distinct solutions that take care of the entire supply chain lifecycle right from yard management, truck management to asset management.


Client Requirement

Experience Design, Brand Awareness, Design Consulting, Development, Brand Creation and Brand Identity

The Brief

Having been associated with Scelint since its inception, right from naming the company/solution to taking the product to market, the team has placed their complete trust in us to ensure their brand & solutions are introduced to the world in the right light. We were given the 360-degree responsibility of naming the brand, creating the identity, website, redesigning their solution platforms & create brand awareness.


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The brand-new website turned out to be a reflection of the client’s expertise.  The website thoroughly captures the essence & capabilities of each solution. As industry experts, through these assets, we made sure their unique solutions reach places & truly make a difference to the supply chain & manufacturing industry & set a benchmark. 


Our Role

Experience Design - UX/UI - Website

UI/UX Design & Development

Customer Acquisition

Graphic Design

Digital Marketing

Logo Design

Digital Branding

Animation & Motion Graphics


Business Problem Analysis

As the brand was just conceptualized, we had to make sure to create a lasting impression.

Analyzing the global competition, the brand identity, brand representation had to be above par.

Prep individual pages for the three main solutions namely, yard management, asset management & truck management solution to explain their advantages judiciously.

Since the brand deals with businesses globally, two versions of the website have been necessary to cater to customers worldwide.



Product Design & Go-to-Market strategy

Naming the brand with something unique & memorable

Creating a remarkable identity that stood out & symbolized the business mission. 

Designing & developing a sleek website that would clearly communicate the benefits of each solution & Scelint as a brand.

Launching two versions of the website to cater to the Indian & the American market. 

Redesigning the UI of the solution applications to adhere to the new branding guidelines & maintain uniformity.

Using a video showcasing the user journey as the first visual to create a clear impact on the customer 



As the requirement was that of both designing the mobile application & the website, using elements that connect both is of high importance.

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Hybrid mobile applications promote enhanced user experience by giving room for attractive UI/UX designs.

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Simple UI & incorporating commonalities makes the switch from website to app or vice versa, easier.

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Our Approach Creations

Our first step was to understand the business, the market & ideate and design a name & logo respectively that was unique yet memorable & easy to communicate. An element with a take on a globe to represent intelligent tracking at different stages of supply chain was finalized. Based on the logo color palette, we set a theme for the website design & redesigning of the platform. The respective solution pages are designed to reflect their capabilities individually & together as a unit. To depict each feature that makes these solutions stand out, we have utilized custom illustrations that portray the user scenario accurately.

UX Analysis

Mapping out the entire user journey, personas & user behavior, the conclusion was to keep the website, marketing assets & solution designs informative yet minimal to convey the usability of the solutions effortlessly.

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Visual Designs

With competitor research & stakeholder interview, we’ve eliminated the uninformative nature that seems to be a common trait among Scelint’s peers. All of the brand’s assets right from the website to the UI designs of the yard, asset & truck management software to the marketing assets utilize common elements has proven to have brought about the familiarity among their customers. 

Once the targets were defined, the time had come to 

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Go-to-market Designs

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