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Shaping the brand identity & rebranding of an eCommerce offering upcycled, sustainable merchandise

UX designing and marketing for an new gen upcycled product app.





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Greenree is an online store that sells upcycled products. They collect old newspapers, banners etc., and convert it into utilitarian items like carry bags, fruit baskets, and various other upcycled products.


Client Requirement

Rebranding, Logo redesign, Website redesign, Brand awareness, Video Content.

The Brief

Greenree was in need of a marketing strategy that would help them bring their concept of upcycled products to their target customers, that was represented by a UX that matched their aesthetic.


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The clients were enthralled by the services we provided for them as there was a great influx of customers to their platform, that was a triumph to them.


Our Role


Logo Redesign 

Website Redesign (UI UX Design)

Brand Awareness (social media and offline marketing)

Brand Creation 

Video Content 


Problem Analysis

Greenree wanted us to redesign their logo and brand style that would be an ideal fit for their business perfectly.

They also requested us to help them with their brand awareness through social media and offline marketing.

A video was also made for the client that portrays their brand. 

The client wanted us to redesign their website with a UI/UX design that would aptly fit to convince their target audience of the motto behind their products.



Logo and Website Redesign

The client requested us to redesign their pre-existing logo for their brand. 

The client wanted their website to represent their brand better and make it easier for their customers to be able to buy their products, which in turn needed a new UI/ UX design, that we provided. 

Social Media Marketing as well as offline marketing was done for this client. The brand was promoted on various social media platforms to create awareness. 

Offline marketing was also done for the clients like printing their logos on t-shirts, flyers and 



With user journey evolving everyday, mastering micro-moments is highly necessary.

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Incorporating images that represented the brand's purpose, like enhancing human interaction elements enhances user involvement.

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Custom icons create uniformity and consistency across the application.

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Our Approach & Creations

We gave this exclusive upcycling online store a whole new perspective by renovating the UI/ UX on their website that fit their brand perfectly.

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UX Analysis

User experience for the target audience of this E-commerce domain was logically crafted and analyzed to sync with the user's personas. 

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Visual Designs

Greenree needed visuals based on their upcycling business, to convey to their customers that they offer the best products although they are upcycled from other products.

Once the targets were defined, the time had come to 

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UI Elements

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Go-to-market  Designs

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