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Redefining the experience design for a

B2B eCommerce platform by Redington

Designing the UI and UX for a B2B platform to provide a seamless experience for their business associates.




B2B Ecommerce Platform

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Redington is an accomplished corporation that ventures in providing various cloud services to their customers and in B2B associations that enable their business partners to purchase various products.


Client Requirement

UI/ UX Design for their Web app and e-commerce website

The Brief

Redington wanted a stunning UI/ UX design for their B2B eCommerce website that enables their customers to have a seamless experience while using it.


Our Role

UX Intelligence and Design consulting for their E-commerce venture

Go to Market Design Strategy


Problem Analysis

Reddington needed a new UI/ UX design for their website that portrayed their business cordially.

The clients also requested a unique design for their e-commerce website.

They wanted us to incorporate the aforementioned design that was specific to their partners' choice of products for their businesses.



Redington wanted us to design their e-commerce web app for them, which included certain specifics that they wanted us to abide by;
out of which the main one was to make a categorical design that would display only the products of a particular brand that their partners have specified.



With user journey evolving everyday, mastering micro-moments is highly necessary.

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Incorporating images that represented the brand's purpose, like enhancing human interaction elements enhances user involvement.

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Custom icons create uniformity and consistency across the application.

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Our Approach & Creations

We fulfilled the clients request by coming up with a design that went along with their business; we also gave them the specific categorical design they required for their e-commerce website.

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UX Analysis

User Experience design and visuals for the Redington B2B was sketched in such a way that it visually satisfies their business partners who are their target audiences. 

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Go-to-market Designs

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UI Elements

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The outcome we obtained

We were pleased to help shape a project that will shape the lives of several artists in the coming years. LILA's great interest in understanding its user's needs and the insights we gathered through our research certainly aided to shape the website and its marketing strategies. They understood the reasoning behind each design decision and conveyed their vision and market knowledge to the discussion, resulting in a fruitful strategic partnership.