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Automobile Industry Digital Marketing -

ISUZU Motors, is one of the world’s leading automobile manufacturers with a dominant presence in commercial vehicle, Sport Utility vehicle segments.


Client Requirement

Digital Marketing, Brand Awareness

The Brief

To create a compelling video campaign with an objective to achieve greater customer acquisition.


Digital Marketing for Auto Mobile Industry -

The detailed video ad & campaign we’ve created for ISUZU resulted in huge traffic & great reach towards customer. The video has gained 3.2K organic views till date, making the marketing event a great success.


Our Role

Brand Awareness

Design Strategy

Digital Marketing


Problem Analysis

Create an attractive campaign strategy and video ad with an objective to achieve greater customer acquisition.



Brand Awareness

Create two videos to capture customer behavior and their reactions while experiencing the car.

To capture the customer’s first emotions while driving the car through scenic forests & off-road based on the Great CxO Adventure drive.



Video campaigns showing real customers experiencing a product adds to the brand’s credibility resulting in greater success & helps with better customer acquisition.

Digital Marketing for Auto Mobile Industry -


Our Approach & Creations

The video is a reflection of ISUZU’s expertise in the automotive industry. Compiling raw, beautifully shot footage from the Great CxO Adventure drive, we’ve created a visual that has proven to impact customers. With 3.2K organic views to date, the video is serving its purpose by boosting brand awareness & aiding customer acquisition. 

Automobile Industry Brand Marketing -

It's a time for real branding, the time had come to


We created two videos which captures experience, customer behavior and reactions when customers first feels and drives the car in reality scenarios in the forest and off-road. It was based on "Great CxO Adventure" drive experience.

Automobile Industry Brand Marketing -

 Digital Marketing for Automobile Industry -