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Redefining a global AI tech company’s digital presence

Experience design & technology for a tech company that is harnessing the power of AI for innovative healthcare solutions




Artificial Intelligence/Technology

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Zasti is a global AI tech company harnessing the power of AI to devise intelligent & unique solutions that solve complex healthcare hurdles. Zasti thrives on its vision of utilizing the power of science & technology to progressively transform our way of living & make the world a better place.


Client Requirement

UI/UX Design & Development, Brand Identity

The Brief

Create a technologically sound website that visually communicates Zasti’s expertise and showcases their solutions’ purpose & importance for progressive transformation in healthcare.


Best Web Development Company in Bangalore-

The website is a reflection of Zasti’s beliefs as a brand. The designs effortlessly convey their tech expertise & vision for revolutionizing healthcare with AI


Our Role

UI/UX Design & Development

Graphic Design

Logo Design

Animation & Motion Graphics


Problem Analysis

Create a modern, sleek website that is above par with the global AI tech peers.

Website lacked visual representation of the company’s technical expertise

Poor user navigation confused the users about Zasti’s offerings



UX/UI Redesign & Brand identity

Refreshing the brand identity that stood out & symbolized the business mission.

Redesigning & developing a sleek website that would clearly communicate Zasti’s expertise & mission.

Utilize animations & motion graphics to create visuals that emphasize on the important aspects of the brand offerings.



With user journey evolving everyday, mastering micro-moments is highly necessary.

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Incorporating images that represented the brand's purpose, like enhancing human interaction elements enhances user involvement.

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Custom icons create uniformity and consistency across the application.

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Our Approach & Creations

As novices to the concept of AI, we’ve truly focussed our research towards understanding the technology & being familiar with the work-around. With an updated, uncomplicated navigation we have developed a communicative website that provides a pleasant user experience. Individual offering pages has helped distinguish each solution & give them their own platform.

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UX Analysis

User experience & visuals of the Zasti website needed an upgrade to create an impact on the potential clients. For the industry that Zasti has an expertise in, a technologically & visually elevated web presence is pivotal.

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Best UI UX Design Company in Bangalore -

Visual Designs

The designs effectively communicate Zasti’s vision for revolutionizing healthcare, with pleasing visuals. Every element carefully designed, right from the logo to the illustrations to the animations emphasizes on Zasti’s prowess & skill to devise plausible, revolutionary solutions by harnessing the power of AI.

Once the targets were defined, the time had come to 

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UI Elements

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Go-to-market  Designs

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Best Mobile App Development Company in Bangalore -
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