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Over A Cup Of Coffee

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Over a cup of coffee is a café cum co-working space that is located in the heart of Chennai city, where people can get their daily dose of espresso, and their food cravings as they get their work done. They have dedicated cabins for size of your team and to provide privacy.


Client Requirement

Brand Creation/Consulting

The Brief

The clients requirement was to create a brand logo that brought out their concept. They wanted to show that the logo not just represents cafés but also a co-working environment "Over a cup of coffee".

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Logo concept

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The top angle of the logo was to incorporate the letters of the company "OCC" into the coffee froth. This was to make sure that the logo symbol can be placed separately and still represent the café.

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A casual font was coalesced into the design to convey that, although they are a co-working space they like to keep their ambience informal and comfortable for their customers.

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Earth tones were used on the logo to bring out the feelings of warmth that goes along with the café’s aesthetic, and also to match the colour palette of coffee. We presented the client with two versions, an elongated and a compact version for different usage.

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Once the targets were defined, the time had come to 

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