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From Outdated To Outstanding, Here’s How A Comprehensive Digital Asset Management Platform Got A Sleek Makeover

We redesigned and developed a process to create a seamless software application that empowers your workforce to handle work orders with increased efficiency. Our solution also enables administrators to proactively maintain machines and manage their workforce with ease, streamlining operations and increasing productivity.




Software Industry


California, USA

Digital Asset Management Software Development -

Edlore is an all-in-one solution specializing in defragmenting assets, documents, content, knowledge, inventory, workforce management, and much more.


Client Requirement

A contemporary and sophisticated solution that enables digital asset and work order management software, facilitating informed decisions regarding maintenance and scheduling.

Client Brief

Before associating with Exdera, the existing system of Edlore was outdated and lacked modern design and technology. As the brand is associated with some of the biggest agencies in North America, it was imperative to update designs to match industry standards.


Web App Development Company in Bangalore -

Edlore made substantial advancements with its latest and modern technology, resulting in significant time and resource savings, and an increase in overall operational efficiency.


Our Role

Best UX/UI Design Company for Mobile App -

Experience Design - UX/UI - Web App, Website

Platform Architecture

Web App Development

BOX - Business Operations Dashboard Dev.

Data Migration

Business Intelligence and Analytics


Problem Analysis

Creating a powerful admin panel for seamless operations and promote productivity.



Logo and Website Redesign

We built user-friendly software featuring a sleek interface that allows technicians to report machine issues with ease.

We created a powerful admin panel that provides real-time tracking of machine and worker status, leading to proactive issue resolution and improved efficiency.



It is highly important to use elements that connect both the tablet application and the web app as the requirement involves designing both.

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Modern tech stack applications provide an opportunity for creating visually appealing UI/UX designs, thereby improving the overall user experience.

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Making the user interface (UI) straightforward and including shared features simplifies the transition between a web app and tablet app, or vice versa.


Our Approach & Creations

To gain insights into our target audience and enhance our clients and their customer's experience, we conduct ethnographic research on user and market personas. This helps us to offer the best of our capabilities.

UX Analysis

Experience journeys of both the user personas are evaluated with previous app and desired app features using stakeholder interview methodology.

Manufacturing Execution System Development -
Visual Work Instruction Software Development Case Study -
Video Work Instructions Software Development -

Visual Designs

Exdera helped Edlore to transform its outdated digital asset management platform into a contemporary and sophisticated solution with a sleek makeover. Our visually appealing UI/UX design and powerful admin panel improved the overall user experience and streamlined the machine and work management processes, resulting in significant time and resource savings, and an increase in overall operational efficiency.

Once the targets were defined, the time had come to

MES software Development -
Machine Maintenance Management Software Development -
Work Instructions Software for Manufacturing Process -
Virtual Machine Management Solution for Manufacturing Industry -
Asset Management Software For Manufacturing Industry -



Edlore significantly improved its machine and work management processes, saving valuable time and resources while increasing overall efficiency


Our solution was lauded for its stunning design and intuitive interface.


Our experienced design and development solutions helped streamline Edlore's digital and work order management, resulting in improved efficiency and significant cost savings.

Our modern and minimalist approach proved to be a hit, and our solution is a testament to the power of technology in revolutionizing business processes.

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