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Revamped Healthcare App Improves User Experience with Streamlined Booking and Access to Vital Information.

Redesigning and developing to enhance the app's UI and performance, making it easier for patients to book appointments and access crucial information.


Dr Mohans




Chennai, India

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Dr Mohan's Group is one of the largest Healthcare groups in Asia devoted to the treatment of diabetes and its complications. The various verticals in the group are healthcare services, pharmacy, education and charity.


Client Requirement

Doctor Mohan, needed a redesign to their mobile application that allowed users to book appointments with doctors at any of their branches.

Client Brief

The mobile application, DialA, was poorly built and required fixes and improvements in UI and performance. The objective was to provide a seamless booking experience for users and ensure high customer satisfaction.


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After fixing the application, it was made available on both App Store and Play Store, and received 10k+ downloads & thousands of positive customer reviews. The improved UI and performance helped enhance the user experience and increase customer satisfaction.

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Our Role

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Best UX/UI Design Company for Mobile App -

UI/UX Design & Development

Customer Experience Design - UX/UI

Best UX/UI Design Company for Mobile App -

Platform Architecture & Backend Development

BOX - Business Operations Dashboard Dev

Hybrid Mobile App Development

Best UX/UI Design Company for Mobile App -

Marketing Automation for Customer Engagement


Problem Analysis

The initial app has poor UI, slow performance, and major functional errors causing issues among users and affecting the reputation of Doctor Mohan's clinics.

The application analysis identified several problems with the app that need to be addressed to improve user experience and reputation.



Logo and Website Redesign

Swiftly resolved critical errors and implemented phased feature rewrites to enhance the application.

Ensured that UI and UX improvements did not negatively impact application performance

Followed industry-standard practices for state management, resulting in better overall application performance

Utilized local data management to optimize the application's speed and performance.



This project taught us the importance of following best practices in software development and how they can help enhance the performance and user experience of an application.

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We also learned the significance of analysing an application thoroughly before implementing any changes.

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Our Approach & Creations

We analyzed the app's UX, identifying pain points, and assessing usability, accessibility, and responsiveness across different devices and platforms.

We categorized the app's features into different phases and fixed major errors that needed urgent attention.

We then improved the app's UI and UX while re-writing features, following industry best practices for designing intuitive and visually appealing interfaces.

We also followed best practices for state management to ensure efficient storage and access to data.

We optimized performance by using local data storage for some data, ensuring fast loading times, reduced lags, and smooth transitions.

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UX Analysis

Experience journeys of both the user personas are evaluated with previous app and desired app features using stakeholder interview methodology.

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Visual Designs

The visual design for Dr Mohan's DialA healthcare app was revamped to enhance the user experience, providing an intuitive and visually appealing interface with efficient storage and access to data. This helped users to book appointments with ease, access crucial information, and enjoy an overall improved experience with reduced errors, faster loading times, and smoother transitions. We designed bigger buttons in the application, considering easy visibility for the old age people.

Once the targets were defined, the time had come to 

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Our efforts to improve the app's functionality, UI, and performance led to significant results, including enhanced user experience, reduced errors, improved performance, and increased customer satisfaction.


Users reported an easier-to-use, more intuitive, and visually appealing app, with fewer complaints and faster loading times.


Positive reviews on the App Store and Play Store demonstrated the effectiveness of our efforts.


Our team's approach to fixing and improving the DialA app yielded significant improvements in the app's functionality, UI, and performance. By following a structured approach that involved analyzing the app's UX, fixing errors, re-writing features, improving UI/UX, and optimizing performance, we were able to enhance the user experience and increase customer satisfaction. We believe that our approach can serve as a blueprint for other app development projects that require similar improvements.

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